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Lathifpur Kolony, Bogra - 5800, Bangladesh
Email :  info@bdthemes.com

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+61 (0) 7 9180 3458

My Rules

My rules

General rules

  • I accept my Gift in cash only. It would be nice if I do not have to start our appointment asking for it :);
  • Minimal booking after 1 a.m. is minimum 3 hours;
  • Please, don’t ask me to send you my selfie (at 6 am ufff). I have a lot of photos, videos and reviews at many sites. It is enough to find out that I am real;
  • Please don’t ask me about discount. You do not enter French restaurant asking for a discount neither :D. I appreciate your interest in me, but if you expect a bargain please, there are many other girls;
  • Messages like "I need bl..... only. How much for this?/ Do you provide 15 min dates?" will be ignored. I am definitely not your type of escort, sorry;
  •  If you booked my time and you didn’t show up, next date is possible only after prepayment 50%. You want be respected please respect my time... Prepay can be made by PayPal;
  • For me confidentiality is very important. All things, that happens between us, will always be our secret. I respect your right for confidentiality and private life and I am awaiting the same from you. Please, dont share with anybody my personal info, like real name, my daily job etc. And, of course, if you will see me in usual life, dont say:"Hello, Helena"! I could be with relatives or friends and I imagine their confusion :D Please, respect my private life.

Local bookings

  • Outcal is possible only to high class hotels or luxury apartments;
  • If you want to invite me to the hotel room, please give me:
    • your real first name;
    • room number;
    • hotel name;
    • time, when you will be able to receive my call.
After this I will call to the room to confirm, that you are really there. Without this procedure outcall is impossible.

International bookings

Minimal booking in Europe ~ 12-24h (depends of the country)

  • Please, make international booking at least 3 days in advance;
  • Prepayment for tickets and deposit of 15% is required and can be made by PayPal (if we already know each other). Please, notice, that if you'll cancel the date in a short notice (less than 48h) I will keep the deposit. But if you'll decide to meet during next 3 months, you can use the same deposit;
  • If we don't know each other I will ask you to arrange a hotel room for our date (4-5 stars please);
  • If you want to invite me to your house/appartments, and we haven’t meet before, please, be ready do send me scan of your drive license/id card/passport and photo from real life or link to social network/professional site. This procedure is necessary, because I am taking care about my safety. Dont worry, all this info will be deleted when our date will be finished.
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